Hassle Free Hampers

Hassle Free Hampers

Sustainable, Nutritious, Healthy complete food Hampers for Homeless, Veterans, Elderly, Disabled & Indigenous peoples.

What we do

Reducing Hunger and Fostering Relationships

Every Australian deserves the right to access Healthy nourishing food and essential hygiene products.

Our Goal

Our Goal is to reduce hunger and provide a healthy food source for veterans, homeless, indigenous, elderly & disabled persons through the delivery of our weekly food hampers.


Our distribution model will seek to employ those who will best foster relationships with homebound or isolated recipients.

Healthy Living

Our dietitian ensures we provide hassle-free balanced meals with a focus on sustainable food sources to promote healthy living.

How It Works

Our Recipients

Sign up to our 3 month program. We organise hampers to be packed fresh and delivered on a weekly basis (same day each week). The hampers will change some weeks depending on the sanitary items and their calculated usage. ie we have calculated a tube of toothpaste will last 1 month whilst a 24 pack of toilet paper will last 2 months and shampoo/conditioner will last 3 months with regular usage.

Hassle Free?

Our Hampers

Packaged and home delivered for convenience with foods selected to minimise preparation and cooking. This eliminates the need to travel to the shops, reduces mess and requirements to use stoves and excessive items for cooking. Each recipient only requires a Fridge, microwave, knife/fork/spoon, bowl, plate and chopping board for our Hampers food preparation.